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Mother Nature is rather unpredictable. It nurtures, it provides, it cares, like a mother does. It gives but it also takes away. Natural calamities like floods, fires, storms, extreme rainfall have been wreaking havoc upon the planet since the very beginning. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Lightning Storms, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Floods, Mudslides, Sink-ins, etc are more common place than one might imagine. Calamity could strike at any time. The unpredictability is what makes them so scary.

If you need a solution to such a problem, whether it is your home or your office space, we at are professionals who are most efficient in restoration of properties. We handle personal as well as work spaces, offices, shops, and other commercial establishments of all kind. We are one of the very few authorized, certified and licensed professionals in the business, belonging to Nevada. We take pride in saying that we have been in the business for more than twenty five years. All of our services are backed by years of hands on experience and dedication to provide 100% customer satisfaction to our clients. We are a family run business and we run it tight. We deal in all kinds of fire, smoke, mold, infestation, vandalism and water damage restoration. We have worked upon several intensive projects through these years and believe in providing highly professional services at reasonable prices, within stipulated time periods and tailored to suit your precise needs.

The team is a bunch of very highly skilled and motivated individuals with extensive knowledge of dealing with situations that involve fire, water, mold, infestations, or other such type of damages. We have competent people who are proficient at handling claims and insurance cases. Feel free to browse our website, check out our blogs and feel free to get in touch with us.